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Charles McCourt

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Reason for Riding - Ride for Hope 2011:

The Aids epidemic in Africa needs to be addressed with the help of God’s people. At times it seems overwhelming but to know that the funds we raise will make the difference in just a few lives makes it all worthwhile.

As I have been preparing for this ride I now am convinced this is just the beginning of a journey with Christ's Hope International.

In preparation for this trip it so happened that the founder of this group and his wife were in Michigan to have meetings with the Christ's Hope USA (based out of Traverse City) and Christ's Hope Canada teams. So they invited Pat and I down to meet briefly with them on our way to the airport to fly out to Arizona to visit my parents. When I got to the conference center where the asked me to explain to the group why I was doing the Ride for Hope CTC. I then explained to them about how this ride could combine my passion for bike riding along with my passion for serving Christ's call.

I then went on to explain the Recycle-A-Bicycle project and how it has grown along the way. I explained in detail the first recycle day where we thought we might fix 30-40 bikes and how that changed over the last week leading up to the project. How I only had a real commitment from a handful of people to show up that day to having over 40 people show up to work on the bikes. How I worried about what might happen but was able to see God work through our hands and feet to make a difference. How I should not have been surprised after 25 years of being a born again Christian to see God working through this project over and over again. I then explained my dream/goal of sending bicycles overseas and how after reading in The Hole in Our Gospel book about a story that a 9 year kid named Austin Gutwein when he learned about the children in Africa who had become orphaned because of Aids believed he could do something about it. He started a program called Hoops for Hope in 2004 where he shot 2,057 free throws in one day to represent the 2,057 kids who would become orphaned during his day at school. That year he raised $3,000 and then.... after building a medical clinic in Sinazongwe, Zambia in 2006 he had plans to build another clinic in 2008 in Twatchiyanda, Zambia .... and provide bicycles for caregivers to ride. I explained that after reading this that I was convinced that this is what God was calling me to do. That was January 2010

Then after hearing about this ride on K-Love radio (November 2010) and doing some research I was becoming convinced that this organization might be able help with the goal to send some bikes overseas in a year or two. At that point someone across the room said that he had a container going to Zambia in the fall and that was only going to be about half full and if we could get the bicycles down to Windsor he could get them shipped to which my response was "Really" to which he said "God Moment" and I had no words to say but "yes". I have since made contact with him and our plan at this point is to ship 20 bicycles on the container which will house mostly clothing being sent to the children.

The bicycles will be adult bicycles with common parts and easy to find parts to be used by the caregiver volunteers. Single speeds, three speeds and five and ten speed bicycles with single speed cranks. We have until September to get these bikes ready.

I know that this project has been a lot of hard work by many people including all of the people who have donated the bikes to make this as successful as this has been. I also know that this is not our project but God's project that he is using each and everyone of us to further his kingdom.

I know that this is about helping people here and now in his present Kingdom here on earth.

Ride For Hope CTC

I am also still in need of sponsors for my ride across the US which will start in just over three weeks. All Contributions are welcome no matter how great or small they may be. Please consider supporting me in the great adventure. For all who sponsor me for $100 or greater I would like to give you a copy of the book “The Hole in Our Gospel”.

Please also pray for our strength and safety as we ride. To find out more about Christ’s Hope and the Ride for Hope bike ride please visit http://rideforhopectc.org/

The Aids epidemic in Africa needs to be addressed. At times it seems overwhelming but to know that the funds we raise will make the difference in many lives makes it all worthwhile. My contribution to the ride will cover all of my expenses so that 100% of what you donate will go to the mission in Africa.

You can donate by following the link on this page, sending a check directly to Christ’s Hope USA or To me made payable to Christ’s Hope USA

Charles McCourt Christ’s Hope USA
2218 N. Pine Ridge Dr. P.O. Box 2238
Midland, MI 48642 Traverse City, MI 49685-2238

Please consider supporting me in this great adventure. For all who sponsor me for $100 or greater will be able to give you a copy of the book “The Hole in Our Gospel”.

James 1:27 "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world".

A little more about me,

I became a born again Christian 25 years ago. I know for certain that Christ's hope and compassion covers even me. Christ came to this world to redeem all. His amazing grace and love covers all.

I’ve been married to Pat for 20 years and have 3 daughters Lacey 29, Jen 26, Holly 25 and one son Jeremy 24. I also have a grandson Landon who is 6. As you may have guessed we have a blended family but they are all my children and I love them all very much. I have lived in Midland Michigan for over 27 years but I will always be from Wisconsin.

Please consider a donation to this very worthy cause.

Your Brother in Christ,
Chuck McCourt

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The Crisis:

As the sun sets each day in sub- Saharan Africa, HIV and AIDS have claimed 3600 lives and another 5000 men, women, and children are infected.

Our Purpose:

Bringing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to people infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS through discipling and caregiving, presenting them perfect in Christ Jesus.


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